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The Asigmo Python Course and 10 great alternatives

With the free Asigmo Python Course for Beginners coming up on the 4-6 of June, we took a look at the top 10 alternatives to learn Python online in case you can neither attend nor wait for the next course or mabye just can't get enough of Python.

Apply for the free Asigmo Python Course before the deadline ends on the 22 of May!

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Without further ado here is the list in no particular order.

10 free Python courses to attend online:

Platform: Udemy

Name: Introduction to Python Programming

Length: 2 hours


Good to know: With 54.000+ reviews and an average on 4.4/5 stars one of most proven courses.

Platform: Datacamp

Name: Introduction to Python

Length: Up to 4 hours


Good to know: Only the first of four parts is free. (Price afterwards: 20€/monthly). Be aware that you can look at some content featured in the course at this link:

Platform: Coursera

Name: Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)

Length: 19 hours


Good to know: 187.000+ reviews averaging 4.8/5 stars. Created by the University of Michigan. Also available in a few other languages.

Name: Crash Course on Python

Length: 32 hours


Good to know: Taught by Google a Career Certificate is possible for a fee. Also available in various languages with over 17.000 reviews averaging at 4.8/5 stars.

Platform: Edx

Name: Python Basics for Data Science

Length: 10-25 hours


Good to know: Taught by IBM, certificate possible for 81€.

Platform: Google

Name: Google’s Python Class

Length: Unknown, but more than 4 hours of video material alone.


Good to know: With both text and video material and no sign-up a very easy way to start learning Python. Be aware that the videos are from 2010.

Platform: Udacity

Name: Introduction to Python Programming

Length: 5 weeks


Good to know: Ideal for beginners in Python with experience in programming.

Platform: Scrimba

Name: Learn Python for free

Length: 59 lessons – 5 hours


Good to know: Great learning format of interactive videos with the ability to take notes anywhere. You should definitely take a look!


Here are two more text-based resources to learn Python in case you prefer the old fashioned way:

Platform: Pym

Name: Python for you and me

Length: Unknown, but very thorough.


Platform: Python

Name: The python Tutorial

Time: Unknown, but thorough.


If that still isn’t enough for you, check out this search engine for Python courses to find exactly what you are looking for.

Have you attended a Python course that was excellent and is missing from this list? Let us know in the comments or on Social Media. We would love to hear about it!

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